Urgent requirement Integrated steel plant Raipur location Interview Dt. 11,12,13 Apr

Urgent requirement Integrated steel plant Raipur location Interview Dt. 11,12,13 Apr

1.Mech AGM/DGM 1no
1.Ele Mg/Ast Mg 3no 100/500Tpd Raipur/Raigarh
2.Ele s/i 4no Raipur/Raigarh 100tpd/500Tpd
3.Electrician 4no Raigarh/Raipur
5.Rmp Mg 1no
6.Mech s/I & Eng 5no Raipur/Raigarh
7.Sr Fitter/Ast fiter 8no
8.Welder 8no
9.Mech foreman 1no Raigarh
10.Chemist 6no Raipur/Raigarh
11.Rmp s/I, Op 2no
12.Utility/Pump House Mg 1no
13.Op s/I 3no Raipur/Raigarh
14.Op Ast PM 1no Raigarh
15.Cro 2no Raigarh
16Raw Material Sup 4no
17.Dust silo op 1no


1.Boi Dcs 3no Raipur
2.Int Sr Eng/Ast Eng 3no
3.Int Tec 5no 1200mwt
4.Chemist 3no
5.Sr/Jr fitter no
6.Op s/I 2no
7.Dust silo op 1no
8.Boi 1st 3no
9.chp op 1no
10.Beg filter op 1no
11.fiter 2no
12.Sr Ele eng 2no

1.Welder 4no, Turner 2no,
2.Electrician 8no
3.Chemist 5no,
4.G.I Incharj 1no
5.UTM Op 1no

1.Sms GM 1no
2.Op s/I 6no Raipur/Indore, Melter 4no
3.Electrician 7no, Cran Maintenance 1no
4.Fitter 4no
5.Chemist 4no
6.Welder 3no
7.Cutter 1no
8.Melter 4no
9.QC Mg 1no
10.Mech sr eng 1no

1.Sr fiter/Ast fiter 4no Raipur/Raigarh
2.Welder 4no, Belt Jointer
3.Ele s/i 1no
4.Chemist 3no
5.cro 1no
6.Plc op 1no
7.Ele foreman 1no
8.Int tec 1no
9.Qc mg 1no

1.Hr Recruitment Ast mg 1no
2.Hr Development Ast mg 1no
3.Purchase officer 4no
4.A/C Mg 2no, Office 5no
5.Civil Mg 1no steel plant Project, Eng 2no, Sup 3no Intrigated steel plant
6.Marketing Mg Paint Company 2no
7.Admin Mg, Sup 2no
8.Security Sup 4no,Hed 1no,CSO 1no,Office 1no
9..Store Hod Integrated steel plant Indore 1no
10.Rawmaterial sup 2no
11.Store Agm/Dgm 1no
12.Store GM 1no
13.Come VP 1no
14.A/c Raw material bill passing 1no
15.Rawmaterial Hed 1no
18.IT Sap ABAP technical consultant 1no

1.S/I 2no
2.Fiter 2no
3.Cutter 1no
4.Mold op 3no
5.SBO Op 2n0

1.Sr Ele Eng 1no
2 Mech Agm 1no
3.Mech Eng 2no
4 Benification op mg 1no
5.Belt Jointer 1no
6.Rmhs Mg 1no


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